There seems to be a subscription for every possible service, from meal preparation to laundry to books. Car wash subscriptions are nothing new, having been offered by American companies such as Delta Sonic for years. However, it seems that more and more Canadian car washes are beginning to see the value of offering a monthly subscription. So, is it worth it?

That, of course, depends on where in Canada you are. If you are in a province where road salt is an issue, it would seem that the subscription is a reasonable choice for at least the winter months.  This is doubly true if the car wash is close to your home and you are able to go at least once a week.  While the subscription we tried did not provide the best possible wash, it still was more than adequate for removing built-up salt and dirt. As a bonus, the car wash closest to us also includes free vacumes so you can really come out ahead. 

Perhaps the biggest win for us with the subscription was the "included" nature of the washes. By effectively pre-paying we were encouraged to make the most of the monthly cost, which led us to wash the car far more often. Here are some things to consider if you are thinking about enrolling in a car wash centre by you:

1) How often can you realistically get to the car wash?

2) Does your municipality salt the roads?

3) Are you satisfied with a basic wash, or would you prefer a hand dried experience?

4) Once enrolled, is it clear how to cancel the subscription?

5) Does the subscription only work at one location, or can you access a number of locations?

Remember, as with all subscriptions, it is important to review its value at least once every 6 months to make sure it is still a good fit for you.