Orlando has so much to offer that it can be hard to find enough space in the budget to fit it all in. Start looking online, and soon you'll have convinced yourself that every meal should have a character component and that you will need to buy new matching-family shirts for every day of your trip. However, if you are looking to plan a trip that doesn't break the bank (or if you just want to save a little so you have something left for your next visit) there are lots of options with minimal or no cost in the region. 





The Orlando Science centre is a well-organized and imaginative place, with areas for every age range and interest. To hammer home the "Florida" feel, there is even an exhibit where children can learn about the production cycle of orange juice from grove to bottle. While the admission fees aren't awful, it's likely that if you have a membership at your local Science Centre you can get in for free thanks to the ATSC passport program.





YeHaa Bob's nightly shows

YeHaa Bob enjoys a cult following among Disney Parks fans. His nightly shows at River Roost Lounge always draw a big crowd, so be sure to arrive early to get a seat. Be sure to check the calendar before going - although he normally performs Wednesday to Saturday (with two shows nightly) he has periods of well-earned rest where the show is dark. The show itself has no cost, but you'll want to budget enough for a drink or two to enjoy during the performance.





Old Sugar Mill Grill and Griddle

This is an "old-time" Orlando classic. To get to this pancake house, you have to complete a short hike through a lovely park setting. Once you arrive you'll find that every table has its own griddle and you get to pour your own pancake batter.  While this may sound a little "hands-on" for a meal you are paying for, it is endless fun for kids who will love the interactive eating experience. 



YardHouse Happy Hour

The YardHouse chain is in cities across America, however, their Orlando location is pretty special.  Located in the Orlando Eye plaza, it overlooks the centre square, with its light-up fountains and swaying palm trees. During Happy Hour, a wide range of appetizers are vastly reduced and draughts are slightly reduced. While it is a bit of a pain to get there before the 6 pm end time, it is a good way to pass a lazy afternoon if you're not in the parks.

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Disney's Winter Summerland Miniature Golf

While there are certainly bigger/grander/scarier miniature golf courses in Orlando, there's something special about the Winter Summerland courses. You have a choice of either the Christmas course or the tropical Christmas course (picture Santa on a Caribean beach) and there's a discount if you play both sides on the same day.