We've all been there.  It's 6:00, your kids are screaming, you've been up since the crack of dawn, and you just want to sit down and enjoy a meal that doesn't require you to jump up a million times. Lucky for you, if you are in Orlando, there are many options that offer immersive or interactive experiences that are bound to keep your kids amused. You might be imaging Micky visiting your table, but for this list, the experiences do not include characters (remember what I said about not jumping up a million times?). Here are some options to try when you really want that uninterrupted meal. 



This restaurant is from the same family as the Rainforest Cafe, but rather then jungle animals, it features Dinosaurs. Moreover, it features large, moving dinosaurs and a giant room that looks like an ice cave that changes colour. While the restaurant itself is a little loud, there's no doubt that it keeps kids thoroughly entertained. Between the meteor showers and the ice cave, there's lots for kids to explore.



This hard-to-reserve restaurant is set up to resemble a classic American soda shop, complete with ice cream lights. While they have a large menu that is sure to thrill less-adventuresome eaters (think cheeseburgers and fries), what will keep your kids on their best behaviour is the promise of dessert.  With options ranging from Micky ear sundaes to elaborate milkshakes, there's lots to choose from.  However, if you really want to thrill your kids, try the Kitchen Sink. Complete with every kind of ice cream and topping in the house, it gets presented with a siren to alert other diners that someone is crazy enough to try and eat it. 



Rainforest Cafe

There are two Rainforest Cafes in Disney World (one in Animal Kingdom Park and the other at Disney Springs). Both offer the familiar range of jungle animals that move and thunderstorms on the half hour. Although their food is fairly standard, there's something to be said for being able to finish your food while it's warm thanks to your kids' interest in the giant fish tank.



This fast casual restaurant on the concourse of the Contemporary Resort might not seem very special at first glance. However, for kids who love transit, sitting at a table where a monorail passes every couple of minutes is pretty awesome! Just make sure you don't let on that right next door Micky is greeting friends at his Chef Mickey's Resturant.



This restaurant is built to look like a steampunk chocolate factory, complete with whimsical smokestacks. The menu, which focuses on chocolate, is large and varied. However, it is the giant milkshakes that really draw the crowds. Your kids will love the huge glasses and attached cake, and they may well get a kick out of meeting Professor Penelope, the mind behind the madness.